Posterior Horn Medial Meniscus Tear

Case: 2.A.KMR.15.19

56 Jears (male)


The patient complains on girdle pains in medial area of the right knee joint during motion and bending. After applying pressure to the knee joint the patient experiences knee swelling. Due to pain the patient wakes up at night. During the last 2 months the complaints have worsened significantly.


  • posterior horn medial meniscus tear
  • patellofemoral and tibiofemorale cartilage abrasion
  • osteoarthritis (grade I-II)


Surgical report dated 03.05.2017:
  • Intrameniscal and intraarticular transplantation of regenerative substances and growth factors concentrate via MIBRAR® method,
  • received that was created from venous blood via CGF technology,
  • also autologous concentrate from abdominal fatty tissue,
  • into the medial meniscus and
  • joint gap of the right knee joint.


Images description:

MIBRAR® surgery on the right knee joint:


Images 1, 3 and 5 dated 31.08.2016

MRI images on different levels correspond to the preoperative status; they show posterior horn medial meniscus tear and cartilage abrasion clearly.


Images 2, 4 and 6 dated 30.05.2017

MRI images on different levels correspond to the postoperative status in 4 weeks after the MIBRAR® surgery. Meniscus particles have grown together, a regeneration of cartilage layer can be noted.


Surgery result:

All the symptoms disappeared within 1 week after surgery, the patient can move freely. Within 3 weeks after the surgery patient was able do a sport without any problem up to the present day.