The MIBRAR® system

The interventional MIBRAR® method, developed by Professor Arsen Babayan is a complex of high-grade micro-invasive surgical techniques that are aimed at the regeneration of the tissues and the reconstruction of body structures.

The MIBRAR® method uses exclusively autologous substances that activate regenerative processes and support full reconstruction of damaged body tissues.

The method is implemented on the basis of unique surgical approaches and with the help of surgical instruments that have been developed by Professor Arsen Babayan, based on the application of the patient’s own substances such as growth factors and other autologous substances. Thanks to many years of research and practical activities of Professor Babayan this method has gained international recognition and became revolutionary in modern medicine. For the activation of the regenerative process, autologous plasma is applied to the damaged tissues. The autologous plasma is enriched with growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors and regenerative substances, also separated regenerative substances and lipogens that are taken from the subcutaneous fat tissue. Separated regenerative substances which are implemented as a material for the MIBRAR® surgery will be targeted applied on the concerned surgical area.

Meaning of MIBRAR® method

Surgical techniques of the MIBRAR® method cover about 95% of the range of all diagnostic and therapeutic events in neurosurgery, orthopaedics and traumatology. This allows to avoid such extensive interventions as endoprosthesis as well as the use of synthetic medication or even to replace these procedures completely in a best-case.

MIBRAR® (MICRO-INVASIVE BIOLOGIC REGENERATIVE AUTOLOGOUS RECONSTRUCTION) – is a micro-invasive intervention mainly applied in regenerative medicine that promotes morphologic regeneration and macroscopic reconstruction of tissues and body structures. According to the research by Professor Babayan, surgical interventions, contributing to the effective regeneration and body structure reconstruction have to be maximally supportive, i.e. performed by micro-invasive method.

International research shows that human autologous substances leading to the regeneration process (growth factors and platelet-rich plasma) by their very nature move to where they are needed the most. This type of reaction appears mainly during serious tissue damage, for example, during surgical incisions or traumatization of healthy tissues during surgery.

Recovery of damaged tissues demands a high number of regenerative factors. It leads to the fact that significant parts of regenerative effects of the concentrate are directed not to the initial problem. As a consequence the efficiency of regenerative medicine is significantly reduced during the treatment of damaged parts.

Even the smallest incision demands long, often a multi-week recovery process that is always activated by regenerative substances. A little puncture that is done with the micro dimensional instrument only stretches the tissue. After the surgery the patient shows only insignificant damage of surrounding tissues, that recovering during a few hours or days.

Therefore, the MIBRAR® method based on the principle of minimal damage of healthy tissues during surgical entrance or during the main part of the surgery. That is why regenerative substances and growth factors provide a maximum effect on the initial problem. In order to increase the surgical effect, purposefully inflicting some damage with a special technique in order to activate the regenerative reaction of endogenous substances and concentrate their effect on the damaged organ.

The general procedure for conducting an intervention based on the MIBRAR® method is that access to the surgical surface happens through minimal puncture, without incision. The use of micro-dimensional instruments, special navigational equipment with a very high optical resolution (for example, micro-endoscope, micro-epiduroscope, micro-arthroscope, etc.) during micro invasive diagnostic or therapeutic events, provides optic control and minimal load on patient’s organism. The sustainable healing process will be initiated through the exclusive application of specially-treated autologous substances.

Personal development of surgical equipment & instruments

In order to provide maximal control, accuracy and micro invasiveness of the interventional method of MIBRAR®, Professor Babayan developed:

  • a system of surgical planning
  • intraoperative navigational equipment (KNK system, Cyber Navi Hand™, grids)
  • special surgical devices (Sono Control Arm™)
  • unique micro-dimensional endo- and arthroscope, also
  • micro-dimensional instruments

The types of equipment correspond to the highest international technical standards.

The surgical planning system (Cyber Navi Hand™) provides essential visual control during the access to the hard-to-reach body structures. Whereas additional dangerous damage of healthy organs and structures can be avoided. Micro-dimensional instruments are used with special precision, and the x-ray radiation dose during surgical control is even less than allowed according to current radiation limits.

Wide application of the ultrasound apparatus part of the intraoperative control (Sono Control Arm™) provides maximal accuracy of the surgical intervention without exposure to x-ray radiation.

Special equipment allows virtual planning and calculation of optimal surgical entrances and the use of micro-dimensional instruments yet in pre-operative phase.

Two types of autologous concentrate apply:

  • autologous plasma, enriched by growth factors, anti-inflammatory factors and regenerative blood cells, gained from venous blood,
  • lipogenes and separated regenerative substances, received from subcutaneous fat.

Both substances can be applied separately or in combination. This micro-invasive technique together with the application of the endogenous substances complements the regenerative MIBRAR® method.


The MIBRAR® method has following advantages:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic events by method are micro-invasive and applied without surgical incisions
  • Chance of bleeding or blood loss is very low
  • As a rule, this method does not require general anaesthesia allowing to avoid side effects associated with narcosis; patients with high narcosis risk can be operated as well
  • Completely micro-invasive approach makes this method less stressful and less burdensome; even for high-risk patients (seniority, cardiological handicap and so on) such intervention is possible
  • Patients do not suffer form side effects by existing diseases or possible medication intake, as own autologous material is being used
  • There is no need for medication during or after surgical intervention; in this way the chance of additional side effects and allergies is minimal
  • Surgical interventions are performed under outpatient conditions; patients do not require to stay in hospital or surgery after care
  • There is no need for rehabilitation equipment (wheel chair, crutches, orthopaedic soles, bandages and so on)
  • Possible side effects occurring following traditional surgical techniques (infections, postoperative destabilization, disturbance of the scarring process, damage of the surrounding organs and structures, rejection reaction from the foreign body etc.) are excluded
  • The results are visible after 4-12 weeks, depending from the specificity of surgical intervention during postoperative radiology exams (CT, MRI, x-ray and Ultrasound)
  • Except the time for the surgery this method does not need additional time, also allows patient to carry on with every day and professional work activities
  • The method allows to avoid endoprosthesis, clamping, stiches and other artificial implants
  • The method has anti-inflammatory characteristics, also quick acting and stable analgesic effect
  • The method provides regeneration and reconstruction of damaged and completely absent structures accrued from traumas, damages and other diseases, aging changes, certain chronic and degenerative processes
  • The efficiency of the method does not depend on patient’s age as the process of regeneration takes place at any age
  • This technology is used in traumatology, orthopaedics and neurosurgery, on different parts of the body and musculoskeletal system for regeneration and reconstruction of bone structures, cartilages, tendons, for damaged muscles and ligaments, also on skin integuments, structures and tissues of central and peripheral nervous system
  • This surgical technique allows simultaneous intervention on different organs (for example, spine segments, joints and so on); the process of regeneration and reconstruction of different organs happens simultaneously as well

The MIBRAR® method can be applied to following medical fields:

  • Traumatology & Orthopaedics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Plastic surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Cosmetic, esthetic dermatology
  • Urology
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Gynecology


The regenerative process supports the macroscopical reconstruction of body structures. This leads to the mechanical restoration and later to an overall improvement of the biodynamics and static of the body. The natural regenerative reconstruction of body structures provides a solution for pathologies caused by mechanical problems such as deformations. In this way we are able to help avoiding prosthestics or other artificial implants.

Patents & Licenses

All methods, instruments and devices developed by Professor Babayan are protected by patent:


Because of the high number of surgeries performed by Professor Babayan, the MIBRAR® method has provided significant statistical data on the efficiency of the method in accordance with to the international scientific criteria.

Based on the positive experience over recent years it can be stated, that the advantages of micro-invasive MIBRAR® technology described above represent a revolutionary breakthrough in modern medicine and open new possibilities for future surgery.