Diagnosis: narrowing of the spinal canal, slipped disc of the lumbar spine
“Improved condition after surgery. For the first time in many years I am entirely pain-free and able to walk without any problems. I have forgotten my lower back pain as well. A big thank you to the surgeon and his team for their excellent work!”
Andrej (September 2015)I have forgotten my lower back pain as well
Diagnosis: dizziness, shortness of breath (right-sided), pain in the upper arms and the thighs
“The right nostril was relieved during the surgery and facilitating deep respiration. At present, the right side of the head and the face is pain-free. I don´t have a burning feeling in the right hip joint, knee and calf anymore. For two years I suffered from severe pain in the right hand. I am completely indolent now and allowed to exercise my hand regularly. A huge thank you to all staff for your kindness and understanding! I wish both doctors to become Nobel laureates for their efforts!!!
Svetlana (August 2015)A huge thank you to all staff ...
Diagnosis: rupture of the biceps tendon; rotator cuff rupture / „Full-Thickness-tear“ of the supraspinatus tendon with retraction till the proximal peak of the head of the humerus. Lipomatous atrophy grade II-III. AC joint arthrosis with expanded Impingement; degeneration of the distal subscaoularis tendon and the tuberculum minus – DD subcoracoid impingement; tendinopathy of the distal/anterior infraspinatus tendon with internal derangement / partial rupture.
„At the outset of the treatment I had a strong permanent pain in the right upper arm and shoulder. Severely reduced mobility and resilience of the upper arm and shoulder joint, extension and stretching of the right arm over an angle of more than 90° were blocked. Sleeping posture on the right site of the body was no more possible. Sports activities that use the right hand (e.g. tennis, skiing) were severely reduced and painful. During therapy in 2015 (twice) and in 2016 (once) the endogenous cells were injected intraarticular into my right hand and shoulder joint. Since then, I am symptom-free; there are no mobility restrictions in the right arm and right shoulder joint.
Reiner W. (June 2016)Ich konnte bereits nach 10 Wochen wieder voll Sport machen
Diagnosis: slipped disc, stenosis, slipped vertebra over several levels
Right after the surgery: pain-free, very “flexible, relaxed” feeling in the low back. Immediate walking without pain after leaving the clinic. 1-2 weeks after the surgery: a few days later still in a protective position, general condition is pain-free and stable. One week later – light pulling in the lumbar area. – patient has to regain the confidence in his spine, it has psychological and not only physical point. 1 month after the surgery: acupuncture during the first days and cross-training during the next few months ensure the necessary relaxation and the confidence in the renewed resilience of the spine. 3 months after the surgery: further cross-training and stretching, mindfullness in everyday life – the spine is pain-free and back to normal resilience. No wearing a support of the spine, only in exceptional cases for prophylaxis and carrying heavy loads. 9 months after the surgery: still pain-free and normal resilience. 5 months after the surgery even skiing was not a problem! Conclusion: immediate noticeable change after the surgery, which has continued to develop favorable and has stabilised in 1-2 weeks. The spine is still stable and normal resilient in everyday life. The staff is very good! Friendly and polite, professional, easily accessible, provides assistance in all questions and communications, fast and goal-oriented; internationally trained: cultural, linguistic and service-oriented – highly recommended especially for foreign patients.”
E. S. (July 2016)Right after the surgery: pain-free ...
Diagnosis: left knee joint – medial gonarthrosis; degenerative changes of the interior meniscus, Baker cyst; thumb-saddle-joint-arthrosis right and left; strong neuralgia in the lumbar area; disc surgery in 1993.
“I had severe pain around the medial knee area at rest and in motion; joint effusion. Sports activities were severely restricted and painfull. In 2016 the endogenous cells were injected intraarticular into my left knee joint. Since then, I am symptom-free; there are no mobility restrictions in the knee joint. Furthermore, I had severe permanent pains with a swelling of the thumb joint. Problems with a gripping function and a force. Mobility restrictions in the thumb joint. In 2016 the endogenous cells were injected twice intraarticular into the both thumb joints. Since then, I am symptom-free; there are no mobility restrictions in the thumb joint. I had also nerve pain in the lumbar area with restricted mobility. At the beginning of 2015 the endogenous cells were injected twice on L4/L5 levels. Since then, I am symptom-free; there are no mobility restrictions in the lumbar area.
Waltraud W. (June 2016)I had also nerve pain in the lumbar area ...
Diagnosis: slipped disc of the lumbar spine, gonarthrosis (left-sided), coxarthrosis (left-sided)
„I was operated twice followed by a neuromodulation therapy. After the first surgery I immediately noticed the improvement, after some time the symptoms in the knee and the hip occurred again. I was recommended to repeat the treatment. Actually, in the area of the spinal column just one surgery was efficient. After the second treatment the pain gradually disappeared, I have only mild knee and lumbar spine pain. The left foot rights itself, I don’t have any pulling feeling in the leg and no problems walking.”
Mikhail (August 2015)I had also nerve pain in the lumbar area ...
Diagnosis: lateral gonarthrosis, meniscus rupture, wear of the cartilage
“For some years I had symptoms, pains and feeling of insecurity during climbing stairs. Now climbing stairs is easily possible, only some punctual pain remains.”
Larisa (July 2015)Now climbing stairs is easily ...
Diagnosis: Foraminal stenosis and destabilisation of the cervical spinal segments, slipped disc of the lumbar spine
“The surgery normalized my blood pressure. I’m very pleased with the result. I greatly appreciate the work of your employees.”
Radik (June 2015)The surgery normalized my blood ...
Diagnosis: formation of osteophytes, gonarthrosis and ankle joint arthritis (double-sided), stiffness of the knee joint, arthrodesis, (double-sided).
„Now I can walk much faster, limping is less evident. For the first time in 15 years I was able to go down the stairs on my own. I got noticeable relief walking within 2-3 days after the surgery.”
Francisco (Mai 2015)Now I can walk much faster ...
Diagnosis: spinal curvature, polyneuropathy, tinnitus, numbness around the knee and lower leg. Spinal column spondylodesis
“Shoulder joint: no more complaints. Tinnitus: no more symptoms after the first neuromodulation session. Hip joint: no changes. The lumbar spine: substantial improvements, I still feel some fatigue and weakness in my lumbar spine area, but no pain.”
Reylian (May 2015)Shoulder joint: no more complaints ...
Diagnosis: coxarthrosis (right-sided grade IV; left-sided grade II-III)
“Before the treatment I could walk no more than 300-400 meters with a cane. Immediately after the first surgery I was pain-free and I was able to walk without a cane. On the third day I was able to walk about 7 km. The condition has been steadily improving. During the third treatment the doctor noticed a widening of the joint space. Mobility of my joints has significantly improved by now, I don´t feel any pain!!! It is a wonderful treatment method with visible results. Thanks to everyone!!!”
Yuriy (March 2015)I don´t feel any pain!!!